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The mission of Qenacta: offering Japanese items around the world and giving people smile

Because our company is young, it has a long way to go before earning the international reputation which it aspires. However, despite its short history, many professionals, as well as individuals from over 38 countries are already trusted us.

Management Team

Julien Lefebvre-PaquetCEO and cofounder

As chief executive officer of Qenacta, Julien Lefebvre-Paquet is responsible for the daily management of the company. He also handles trade relations with French speaking clients and part of English speaking clients. He earned a master's degree in Japanese and Japanese Studies at the INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations) in Paris and a specialist degree in manga drawing and scenario in Osaka Communication Arts School. Before founding Qenacta, Julien Lefebvre-Paquet served as sales representative in Maar-sha Publishing Co., Ltd., a Tokyo publishing house specializing in books for designers and manga artists.

Naoto Akai  Cofounder

Naoto Akai manages the sale of products on Qenacta store of He also handles trade relations with the Japanese partners and some of the non-French speaking clients. He is also responsible for marketing, accounting and the technical part of the website of the company. Before founding Qenacta, Naoto Akai studied two years in France.

Birth of Qenacta Co., Ltd.

Founders of Qenacta, Julien Lefebvre-Paquet and Naoto Akai, meet in Osaka in 2003, while they are still high school students. Eight years later, they launch together an experimental project who presents Japan through free online videos. Then in 2014, Julien combines his capital and sales representative experience with Naoto’s expertise in Internet sales and knowledge of Japanese pop culture to create his company. They named it "Qenacta", who is a mixture of Japanese, Latin and English words, the simplified meaning of which is to unite desires with the actions.

Our philosophy

The first activity of Qenacta – the export of Japanese products – has perhaps nothing original. But we are not a simple wholesaler. We do not see the merit in doing what others are already doing. Our goal is to facilitate the purchase of items from Japanese brands and the access to the Japanese culture by providing customized services for all lovers of Japan, whatever their budget, their language, or the town they live in. We do not follow a predefined model and our only limits are those of our imagination. We are constantly listening to our clients, who are our greatest inspiration. Thanks to all the opinions and all requests they send us every day, we never run out of ideas to strengthen the bridge we have built between the land of the rising sun and the rest of the world. This may seem pretentious, but we wish to put in place a new system through which we would be helping people around the world to deepen their passions, to overcome physical barriers that prevent them from achieving their desires.


Julien Lefebvre-Paquet
Chief Executive Officer