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About Our Products

We sell also pre-owned products on our website. So we distinguish products by few types of conditions to mention cleary.
Please refer following infomation for undestanding our products.


The box is unopened. But he might have some damages of dirty.
Also we note the point to notice if he have it. 

(Samle image)

 Unopened item


The box is opened. But the inside paclage is unopened.

(Sample image)

mint condition

There is a little damages (few scratches) or a little dirt (few spots) on the product.
There is damages (conspicuous scratches) or dirts (small stains or faded/sunburn). 
There is many damages (tears) or dirts (stains or faded/sunburn).
Bad condition. There is many serious damages (broken) or serious dirts (big stains or faded/sunburn).